Our floral seeds suitable for horticultural professionals.

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Private & public authorities
Bring flowers into gardens, on balconies and terraces, in the city, in short bring flowers into your life !
Gardens / Balconies / Terraces

Thanks to the VOLTZ HORTICULTURE varietal range, flowering gardens, balconies and terraces all year round becomes as easy as child's play for the individuals, passionate amateur or novice willing to be surrounded by nature. Enabling its producer customers to enhance their know-how and increase their sales to consumers is the major concern of VOLTZ HORTICULTURE, which makes every effort to offer producers new solutions, always more efficient, more creative and more reliable.

Flowering of cities

Bringing flowers into the whole city all year round, this is the ambition of VOLTZ HORTICULTURE through its selection Couleurs de ville® (follow the symbol). To ensure the success of their mission of beautifying cities to communities and horticulturists, VOLTZ HORTICULTURE offers a set of relevant and innovative solutions for flowering and vegetating all spaces, listening to societal trends.

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